Watch restoration


Our watchmakers establish a complete diagnosis of your. We give you a free (no surprises) cost estimate, so as to obtain your consent or refusal on the repairs suggested.


Once you approve the estimate, we proceed to a full servicing:

  • Dismantling of all parts of the movement
  • Examination and cleaning of every part of the watch movement
  • Repair or replacement of any damaged or defective movement parts
  • Fastening adjustments
  • Oiling, assembling, checking of the functions
  • Refreshing of the case (polishing or satin-finishing, rhodium-plated when needed) in order to give it back its initial lustre
  • Replacement of the glass if necessary
  • Final checking (running, performance, aesthetics), before returning the watch to the customer.


Your watch is covered by a ONE-YEAR warranty

In case of repair defects covered by the warranty, we will repair or replace, free of charge, any piece and/or correct any defective intervention, identified as such by our team.

This guarantee does not cover defects resulting from accidents, mishandling or incorrect or abusive use (for example, knocks, dents, crushing, excessive temperatures, powerful magnetic fields), unauthorised alteration or repair or the consequences of normal wear and ageing of the watch, the strap or the glass, the loss of water-resistance if your watch is water-resistant, or any defect resulting from contact with water if your watch is not water-resistant. For quartz watches, this guarantee does not cover the battery life. This warranty does not apply in case of a third party intervention.


Water-resistance cannot be guaranteed. Ageing of the seals as a result of temperature fluctuations, sharp impacts or cosmetics (body lotion, perfume, etc.) can impair the watch’s water-resistance. We recommend regular checking of the water-resistance and frequent replacement of all seals.

If a restoration of your dial is suggested, you should be aware that a restoration would have the dial lose its patina.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us.